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Discussion: All Support Materials in PreCalculus on Computer
Topic: Spreadsheet/worksheets

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Subject:   Spreadsheet/worksheets
Author: Mathman
Date: Sep 15 2005

This is my first and only website.  There you'll find some useful program links
and my own spreadsheets.  They are in Quattro Pro format, but I've been working
with other formats and will put them there soon.  You can examine the output
though by looking in SPREADSHEETS, where I've listed a few screen images.

Ignore the email address indicated there.  If you want to contact me, use this
one: internet_user1(AT) . Replace (AT) by @, of course.  If that
sounds paranoic, it is; the result of too much spam and junk mail.

If you look over the sheets and see something you like, or have an idea for one
you'd like to see, let me know and I'll get it to you.  I'm moving towards doing
all in the Open Office free suite for accessibility to several platforms.  This
will mean having to download and install that program, but it's worth it!  I
believe that version 1.1.5 is now stable.  Higher versions are still in

Advantages are that all use random numbers and signs, so press F9 for a brand
new worksheet.  The teacher can set high-low number ranges for difficulty
level.  They can be used for practice and/or test.  If a student misses one, or
for makeup, press F9 and give him/her a new one, the numbers changed to protect
the innocent.

They are only possibilities.  They are free, and unprotected, so they can be
studied or changed to suit individual needs.  If you really feel obliged to pay,
send a cheque for cancer research or to the cancer society. :-)


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