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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: Explorelearning science and math

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Subject:   RE: Explorelearning science and math
Author: Susan
Date: May 5 2006
On May  4 2006, ihor wrote:
> On May  3 2006, Susan wrote:
> Has anyone used any of the
> shockwave
> science applets to teach
> math topics?  I know that you have to pay
> for the site, but you
> can look at each applet for free for five
> minutes.  I would like
> to subscribe, but would like to think of more
> uses for the
> science applets to "multiply" my investment.

Have you used any of
> the math ones? I think those are great. I used them quite a bit when
> they were still free.


I use the math ones all the time.  My personal favorite is the Distance Time

I like adding points and then having the students watch what the runner does as
you change the graph.  It's great for Algebra I and explaining rate of change
and y intercepts!  I am still looking for folks who might have used the science
applets in math class.

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