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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Homework
Author: lindaparmenter
Date: Aug 10 2006

Check out and The Cooperative Learning Structures mentioned
on the site.  The teambuilding is similar to what you are using and research
indicates that this type of structure improves learning and enhances social
skills.  There's much more to it than I can go into here.


On Aug 10 2006, Mathman wrote:
> On Aug 10 2006, Raz wrote:
>I am
> interested in feed back on my
> teaching concept.

The difference between a forest and a few trees
> is not just some ground shrub.  It's an entire ecosystem. So is the
> difference between teaching high school and teaching mature,
> motivated adults with some solid background.  Your concept might
> work well.  Try another, and you'll find it will work just as well
> with mature, motivated students.


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