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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Homework
Author: btozzo
Date: Aug 10 2006
Bottom line folks, even if their homework warrants a "moment of silence" and a
"Scooby Snack" many, many students copy their homework. If they didn't copy it
they may have rushed it and turned in garbage. In my experience, the only way to
assess homework is to give weekly homework quizzes. Choose 10-15 minutes worth
of homework questions and copy them on a quiz EXACTLY as they appeared in the
homework. I even run two or three forms of the quizzes to hand out to alternate
rows like I do with my tests to discourage cheating.

Quick and easy rubrics and drop the lowest couple if you're feeling warm and
mushy. You'll get a really good feel for who is not only doing their homework,
but getting what they should be out of it.

On Aug  9 2006, later tater wrote:
> One strategy you may consider is to assign bonus points on tests for
> homework problems.  You've already initiated the first
> step...students complete homework in a composition book.  I assume
> you review the homework by going over it in class, so all problems
> SHOULD be correct.  All you have to do is add a bonus section to
> each of your assessments and this could be done on the chalkboard or
> overhead.  The bonus question(s) would simply be to copy Problem #
> whatever from their compostition book for a designated day's
> homework assignment.  If you don't want students referring to their
> notebooks during the assessment, this could be done separately after
> the test is turned in.

For example:  BONUS - Problem 6 from
> Tuesday's homework

If this is done on the overhead, you could
> easily change the assigned problem for various classes.  This would
> avoid the "hallway warning" of "Hey, today's bonus is #6 from
> Tuesday's homework."

Hope this helps.

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