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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: Bar35
Date: Oct 9 2006
On Sep 21 2006, murali99 wrote:
> getting the students to complete the assignments and home works are
> getting difficult day after day. Any ideas to get it done asily?
I publish a "stamp sheet" each week for my students.  I distribute it on Monday
to each student.  For each day of the week, it lists the in-class topic or
activity, the homework assignment, and a place for a stamp.  Each day, students
start the hour by taking out the previous night's homework with their stamp
sheets.  I circulate and stamp the homework and the appropriate box on the
sheet.  Then, I show the answers to the homework on the overhead for all to
correct.  At the end of the week, students are assigned to take the stamp sheets
home for a parent signature.  The stamp sheet is returned on Monday and
exchanged for the new sheet.  Each stamp is worth 4 points.  Missing stamps are
worth 0 points, and late stamps are worth 2 points.  The weekly stamp sheet
score is worth 25% of the grade for the class.

I find that requiring a parent signature raises the level of concern for many
students.  It also keeps parents informed, so I rarely deal with a parent who
complains that I should have let them know that their child wasn't doing the
homework.  I publish all the stampsheets on my website so parents can keep
informed.(   then choose Mr.

It's a lot of work on my part up front, but I've really seen a change in the
homework completion in my classes.  Why?  Maybe because I'm providing the
information more clearly; or maybe because I'm getting parents involved; or
maybe kids like to get a stamp (I have a large collection and change the stamp
each week);  or maybe because students are getting immediate feedback on their
homework;  or maybe because .... who knows.  Students are scored on completion,
not accuracy, and I try to make the homework do-able in about 15 - 20 minutes.
Feel free to visit my website for more info

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