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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: Monika
Date: Oct 14 2006

One kind of homework that
> I've found to be quite successful in addressing these (IMO crucial)
> issues with my high school students are the "Punchline" materials
> developed by Steve and Janis Marcy. More info on these is available
> at

In my experience these are very sound
> both mathematically and pedogogically. In fact, I can hardly say
> enough good things about them ... but you can easily enough look at
> samples on their web site and judge for yourself. I have no
> affiliation with Marcy Mathworks other than as a satisfied user of
> their products.

Jim Guinness

I looked at this website.  Theses worksheets are a wonderful alternative to
dreary practice worksheets.  I wouldn't use them everyday though, a bit too
crowded.  If I had the time and the talent, I wish I could prepare all my
worksheets this way (probably would use famous quotes)


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