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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: jm
Date: Oct 24 2006
Hello, I just wanted to send my opinion. I have been teaching 3 rd grade for 8
years now and I have always had a dilemma with homework. I felt the same way and
debate every year if I will give homework.  You always have the ones that will
do it and the ones that won't. It becomes very frustrating to go through all
that work and then have to keep track of who did it and who didn't. The worst
part is if I want to review what they did half of them don't have it. So this
year after 8 years I have found something that has worked so far. I have
involved the parents and held them accountable. My students read a passage with
their parents and graph their results 4 nights a week. The work must come back
signed and I have had many paerents compliment this homework. It is a great
communication piece also. This way the parents are also held accountable. So
this year after 8 years homework is a good thing. Yet again there are still 2 to
3 daily that may not have it, but I have helped 17 students out of the 20 this
year and I have to be happy with that. My main theory is that homework is a way
to teach responsibility. I'm sure there are days that you don't want to do the
homework in your college classes as I din't, yet we are responsible learners and
do it becasue it is the right choice. That is what I try to instill in all my
students. Making right choices will make you a better person.

Have a nice day!


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