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Topic: math learning tool idea

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Subject:   math learning tool idea
Author: bobk544
Date: Mar 28 2008

would anyone like to brainstorm with me on how to build a match learning

i need to figure out a way to re-learn math and am thinking about using a
multi-media approach, mainly hyperlinks and i'm sure someone has tried this in
a myriad of different ways and if you know of such a tool please let me

but my simple idea is to start off with a fairly complex forumula, and for each
part of the forumula, connnect that part to a word hyperlink.

you would click on the part of the forumula and that would hyperlink you back to
a definition of that component or actually how about this instead of directly
hyerlinking back to a reference, a small list box would appear next to each
component and the list would show 1. definintion 2. example 3. context 4. applet
ect ect, so by selecting what you want and hyperlinking back to a helpful
component you would eventually be able to hyperlink all the way back to a simple
fundemental example or long form example of that particular component in various
forms of usage.

i would really appreciate any ideas you may have and i would like to apply this
approach to all forms of mathematics!


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