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Topic: Proof of Pythagoras Theorem

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Subject:   Proof of Pythagoras Theorem
Author: Davem
Date: Apr 1 2008
I once saw a proof of Pythagoras' Theorem created with Cabri Geometry which
involved shears and translations.  I'm trying to setup a similar demonstration
in Sketchpad, but I'm meeting a few stumbling blocks and wonder if anyone can

1)  Sometimes I want to use an animation button to move a point (and hence an
object, e.g. a square) along a line, and then have it stop at the end.  But in
GSP it always returns to its starting point at the end of the animation.  Anyway
to overcome this/work around this?

2)  I'd like to make an object disappear then have another (apparently)
identical object reappear in the same place.  At present the change is very
obvious.  Any suggestions how to deal with this?

3)  Is there anyway I can make a point go around a corner?  I'm remembering that
in Cabri I could define a point as being on the sides of a polygon, but is there
anyway to achieve this in Sketchpad?

Those are the main stumbling blocks I'm up against at present.  Any help would
be much appreciated.

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