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Discussion: All Topics in Algebra on Computer
Topic: Feedback requested for online Algebra book

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Subject:   RE: Feedback requested for online Algebra book
Author: rfant
Date: Apr 8 2008
My friend, I must agree with LFS.   As much work and effort as I put into my
classes and my teaching, this book's title is offensive.

Mathematics is effortless only for the elite few.  However, it should not be a
subject for the elite or the few, it should be a topic for the masses.

What is the average student going to do if he/she doesn't "get it" while
expecting to put in little to no effort?  Most of them are going to quit.  Not
only am I trying to teach mathematics but I'm also trying to teach my students
the value of a STRONG WORK ETHIC!  Mathematics is a beautiful endeavor but it
sometimes requires MUCH EFFORT.  (My marriage is a great endeavor and requires
much effort.  Bottom line, almost everything WORTH doing or achieving requires a
great deal of effort.)

On the other side of the coin;  After changing the title, let some folks on this
forum download a copy of your book and I for one will give you an honest
critique of the material.  I did thumb through some of it but the "Issusu
Viewer" is just too distracting.

Please don't read us (me and LFS) too harshly but we work too hard to overlook
such a thing.  I've got too many students at stake.

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