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Discussion: All Topics in Math 1 on Computer
Topic: data on which are the hardest multiplication facts

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Subject:   RE: data on which are the hardest multiplication facts
Author: wiredwullff
Date: Aug 14 2010
On Aug 14 2010, wiredwullff wrote:
> Wanted to add you might consider each number series and how you
> would memorize it. Ask your students the tricks they use. I knew all
> the fives were either on a completion of a unit of ten added
> [10,20,30,40,...]or right in between[5,15,25,...] so they were easy
> if I remembered that. nines all were one less for their second digit
> [the 8 in eighteen is one less than 9 etc]. sevens I had trouble
> with a pattern. and the even numbers seemed easy as they were always
> even even multiplied by a odd and you could see the symmetry in the
> numbers. I think you will find inspiration and maybe the answer in"
> The kingdom of Infinite Number  A field guide " by Bryan Bunch,
> published by W.H.Freeman and company,New York,New York. Good luck!
darn! I had to reboot as this question stuck with me and I realized you might
have to also find data on how students solve the problem. I used patterns. some
may not but use relationships. some may use both and some just may find it
easiest to learn by rote. I always would use the easier number as a solver as in
5x7 well five times five makes twentyfive add one more five gives thirty then
add 7 to solve 37. I know there are memnomic rhymes as eight eights fell on the
floor, picked em up and there were sixtyfour but faced with trying to think of a
rhyme for every answer in the mutiplication tables for numbers 1-9 was
daunting and harder than patterns or rote even so I did not primarily use those,
or use them much at all as I would forget or wonder if I remembered the rhyme
correctly during a test.I remember all this and I am 50!

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