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Discussion: All Tools on Presentation software
Topic: Microsoft Producer

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Subject:   RE: Microsoft Producer
Author: BruceTchr
Date: Oct 21 2005
On Oct 20 2005, CHutt wrote:
> On Oct 16 2005, Susan wrote:
> Has anyone worked with Microsoft
> Producer?  Have you converted
> Powerpoint slides to a presentation
> with audio using producer?  Have
> you put a "Producer"
> presentation on the web?  Do you know any
> educational resources
> that I can look at on the web that were
> created with Producer?
> Any help will be appreciated!
I have worked with Producer and
> Excel. Here is a link to the Producer video instructions for
> students in a 200 level statistics course. They are all about how to
> use Excel.  These were created by a recently retired colleague for
> her statistics students. All of the links take you to Producer wmv
> files.

I am creating more of these now, and the
> trick has been to move slowly in Excel and PowerPoint when using
> Producer. I am just now starting to "lecture" over PowerPoint
> presentations, but I do not have any of these posted. They should be
> up next quarter.

Web students, and my classroom students, both
> applaud the fact that they can now watch demonstrations at home when
> they have a question on the finer points of Excel use.

The link says the page cannot be displayed

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