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Discussion: All Lesson Plans on Presentation software
Topic: Power Point

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Subject:   RE: Power Point
Author: iris08
Date: Oct 2 2006
While Powerpoint presentations may sometimes be a good approach (as well as
prepare students for teaching techniques used in university lectures), I have
seen them used ineffectively more times than not. As a student, I find that
professors who use Powerpoint often forget the importance of classroom
interactivity. Other times, I have seen teachers with prepared slides move
through the material much faster than the students can process it. So long as
one is mindful of these concerns, Powerpoint can be an interesting way of
presenting new material.

On Jul 16 2006, Teach057 wrote:
> I have done several lessons on powerpoint for my classes (7-9).  To
> be done in a way that engages students and catches their attention
> they do take time to create.  However once created, they can be
> easily modified and used year after year.  Another advantage is for
> students who are absent.  They can catch up easily by sitting down
> at a computer after school and playing the powerpoint.  One caution,
> I feel lessons need to be varied to keep our students engaged.

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