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Discussion: All Lesson Plans in Algebra on Computer
Topic: Shodor lessons

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Subject:   RE: Shodor lessons
Author: Craig
Date: Jan 20 2006
On Jan 13 2006, lil wrote:
> Has anyone tried any lessons using using the Shodor program?  If so,
> how did it go? Any tips?  I am still trying to come up with an
> effective lesson for 8th grade Algebra students.

I tried responding last week, but experienced a techno-glitch.  From looking
at your latest message, you're referring to "Function Flyer," one of many
applets developed by the fine folks at Shodor Foundation.  I have used that
program some, mainly to investigate the effects of different constants in a
function.  It offers a fairly quick way to do such an investigation, and is much
more effective than doing the same sort of thing with a graphing calculator
(instead of graphing y1 = 2x + 1, y2 = 2x + 3, y3 = 2x + 5, etc, use the
Function Flyer to graph y=2x + 1.0, and you'll automatically get a slider that
changes the 1 quickly and dynamically in the graph).

Let me suggest another approach to using Shodor applets (or any other
technology): think about what lesson you want the students to learn, then look
for the most effective way to teach the lesson.  As you search, be sure to
consider both high- and low-tech solutions.  The "search" and "browse"
features on Math Tools (as well as the Math Topics listing accessed through the
left-hand toolbar) are outstanding resources to help you find technology
appropriate to the lesson.

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