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Discussion: All Tools on TI Calculator
Topic: Calculator problem

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Subject:   Your TI-83 graphing handheld
Author: Esmeralda
Date: Jan 12 2004
Hello Joe,

My name is Esmeralda and I will be more than happy to assist you with your
graphing handheld.

Have you tried resetting your TI-83? If you have not done so, please try the
reset procedure below. I would like you to make sure NEW BATTERIES are inserted
in your TI-83 correctly.

The following reset procedure can delete all the items in memory of your
graphing handheld.

Remove one AAA battery from the graphing handheld and press down on the [CLEAR]
key while the battery is out.  Re-insert the battery while holding down on the
[CLEAR] key and continue to keep the [CLEAR] key pressed after the battery is in
the calculator.  While continuing to hold down the [CLEAR] key, press and hold
down the [ON] key.  When the home screen is displayed, release the keys.

Once your TI-83 is on you must reset all of the memory because if it is not
reset then the unit will experience the same problem next time.  

The following procedure will remove all Flash Applications, Flash archive data
and RAM information, i.e. stored variables, user defined programs etc.  

Press [2nd] followed by the [+] key to access the memory menu and choose [7]
Press the right arrow [-->] twice to highlight 'ALL', press [enter] to select
1:All Memory and choose 2:Reset

If the solutions above does not help, please remove all of the batteries
including the round lithium battery for 3 hours. After the three hour period,
reinsert all of the batteries and turn your graphing handheld on.

I hope the information above is helpful. If you need further assistance, you may
email Texas Instruments at

Warmest Regards,

Esmeralda Diaz

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