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Discussion: All Tools in Geometry on JavaScript
Topic: Can anyone use this? (Geometry)

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Subject:   RE: Can anyone use this? (Geometry)
Author: tackweed
Date: Feb 16 2005

How would you use it in
> > > grade 7?  What are they trying to study?  Since you say they are
> > > drawing the triangles, it isn't likely the simplest application,
> > > similarity, so is it trigonometric solution of triangles?
> query on what use it is put to is still deserving of an answer, and
> I'd also be itnerested in what use you might be thinking of.

We seem to be talking apples and oranges here. The script was for me to evaluate
student papers, each with a different set of values. It has no application in my
current seventh grade class as a tool for students.

My question was could someone else use it for some other class and/or purpose,
i.e., probably not 7th grade.

As far as the accuracy of JavaScript math, I would assume that end user would
modify the script to fit their needs - typically this sort of script might limit
responses to the 3rd decimal place - or indeed a spreadsheet might be a better


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