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Discussion: All Tools in Geometry
Topic: Locus of Points in Geometry

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Subject:   RE: Locus of Points in Geometry
Author: Cathi
Date: Feb 24 2005
On Feb 24 2005, Susan wrote:
> I just started searching for applets to support the teaching of loci
> for a high school Geometry course.  I thought I would find many
> Sketchpad activities, since this seems like a good thing to teach
> with Sketchpad, but I haven't had much luck.  Does anyone have any
> good links to interactive resources on this topic?  Any ideas about
> using technology to teach it? Thanks

Hi Susan,

I don't know where you can find interactive sources on the web, but I have some
Sketchpad files that I created myself. They are an old version of Sketchpad
(old, like me!!) and are Macintosh.

If you would like the files, please email me at and I will
send them to you as attachments.

Aloha from Hawaii,

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