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Discussion: All Tools in Math 7
Topic: Experimental/Theoretical Probabilities

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Subject:   RE: Experimental/Theoretical Probabilities
Author: The Non-Whistler
Date: Jul 8 2005
It's also useful to do an experiment with a non-trivial answer at some point.
One example I do is a simulation (actual will also do but will obviously take
more time) of throwing three coins and asking, "What is the proabibility of
getting two heads?" Students will initially say 2/3 etc. Do the simulation and
this should lead to an experimental probability of around 3/8. Then ask "What is
the theoretical reason for this?" It covers quite a lot of ground. TI-84s are
great for this as they have an application built-in. They you can then weight
the coins etc. Plenty of scope for enrichment!

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