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Discussion: All Tools on Calculator
Topic: Graphing calculators

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Subject:   RE: Graphing calculators
Author: Mathman
Date: Jul 28 2005
On Jul 28 2005, lm62 wrote:

Any thoughts?

Seriously?  Teach him to get along without one, then it will not matter which he
uses except for course requirements, and that can vary from school to school, or
even teacher to teacher in the same school.  I'd contact the school he will be
attending for that information.  If there's a choice, get the better one.  It
should become the toy to play with, having fun figuring out all the operations
and shortcuts.

This is not idle advice, but what I believe will be of the most benefit to him.
I'm retired now, but tutor, and have had much success putting this advice to
practice.  After a hands-on grasp of the function developing on paper, albeit
a bit more slowly, there comes a better understanding.  Then let the calculator
do the number crunching.


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