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Discussion: All Tools on Calculator
Topic: Graphing calculators

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Subject:   RE: Graphing calculators
Author: Grip
Date: Jul 29 2005
On Jul 28 2005, lm62 wrote:
> I'm new here and mom of a 13yo who wants to buy a graphing
> calculator now that they're on sale for back to school. He used a
> loaner TI-83 in school this past year. I'm wondering what's going to
> see him through high school and college. We're thinking a TI-84
> Plus. He'll definitely be taking advanced math courses (since he
> took Algebra this year in 7th). I've heard you can't use the 90s on
> standardized tests.

Any thoughts?

You are right about the standardized test. Anything with a qwerty keyboard isn't
allowed at least at this point. The TI-84 silver is an excellent calculator
for use and data collection. I would suggest that you get this calculator;
however, be sure to check what is the most likely calculator the school is going
to use. If the school uses a model below the TI-84 silver (i.e. TI-83),
still get the 84 silver. It is compatible.

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