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Discussion: All Tools in Calculus on Computer
Topic: DE Software

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Subject:   RE: DE Software
Author: Mathman
Date: Aug 13 2005
What is it that you can no longer find useful in the program you have used for
so long?  ODEs are still ODEs of the same form and structure.

I am not being facetious, nor mean-spirited, but you mentioned that your
students for over 15 years had trouble with Maple.  Is that perhaps because you
did not pursue it diligently yourself to some point of mastery, and so passed
that along?  Many *have* used Maple very successfully.  Mathematica may be
termed even more dificult to operate, but will also do the job.  However, there
is also Mupad, already mentioned, or Derive.  All are multi-purpose awesome
symbolic math programs which should surely suit your purpose... and much more.
The spreadsheet is similar in that respect, and is effective as it is used.
Yes, it would be nice to have some dedicated single-purpose math program such
as you seem to require, but I don't know if you will be satisfied.


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