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Discussion: All Tools on Calculator
Topic: Graphing calculators

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Subject:   RE: Graphing calculators
Author: Deatra
Date: Dec 6 2005
Basically, as a college student, talk to the teacher.  I have been in math
classes for the past 6 years, and I could have used the same calculator in all
of them.  Therefore, I don't believe the argument that the calculators we use
today won't be the same ones we use in the future.  The math the calculators do
is not changing.  
However, every single teacher has their own preferences.  Talk to your son's
teachers and find out what they recommend.  As a student, I have witnessed that
many teachers only know one type of calculator.  You'll want to make sure your
son has this type of calculator or one that is compatible with it.  
Also, a word of caution!  The TI calculators can be used to play games, and I
have seen students (especially younger students) only using their calculators to
play games during class.  You may want to check your son's calculator to see if
he has any games on it.

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