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Discussion: All Tools on Flash
Topic: Dynamic Triangle Investigation Program

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Subject:   Dynamic Triangle Investigation Program
Author: lata
Date: May 9 2006
Hi, I've been developing an online Flash based application, for the
investigation of Triangles.

The application lets you create, save, and print Triangles showing all
calculated values.

The application also has a 'ScrapBook' feature that allows you to save the
Triangles you have created, then re-create them at a later date.

The application could easily be adapted to handle polygons aswell, I am posting
this message to see if it can be of use to anyone and also any areas that can be
improved upon.

the url for the application at the moment is

To create a Triangle, click the Triangle button, then click 3 points, a Triangle
will be created after the thid click, it can then be re-shaped by dragging
each vertices.

I would be grateful if you let me know what you think..

thank you

Daniel latter

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