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Discussion: All Tools on Flash
Topic: Dynamic Triangle Investigation Program

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Subject:   RE: Dynamic Triangle Investigation Program
Author: Craig
Date: May 9 2006
I have a few questions and a few comments about the applet.

-How are lengths measured?  
-What purpose does the grid serve?  I couldn't get a different grid pattern to
show up, and on my browser a 10x10 grid wasn't square (and length measurements
didn't match the grid).
-Why allow creation of a right triangle (or isosceles) as something special,
then allow arbitrary changes to it?  It might be nice if, when you create a
right triangle, dragging the vertices around still preserves the right angle
(but perhaps side lengths change... maybe moving the right-angle vertex would
move the triangle, moving other vertices adjusts orientation of triangle and
length of side?).

-I like the labeling of angles and sides.  The side labels might be a little
more clear if they said c=18 instead of 18c, though.
-Some sort of label on the area would be nice--it looks like it might be
labeling an altitude of the triangle.
-Nice "clean" look and feel!

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