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Discussion: All Tools in Calculus on TI Calculator
Topic: CEDO Publishers--Calculus Toolkit

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Subject:   Posting and Submitting Useful Resources
Author: Suzanne
Date: Aug 8 2006
Sometimes Math Tools community members mention specific resources (tools,
activities, lessons, support materials) that have not yet been cataloged. We
receive submissions from authors of resources but those of you who have found
good resources by others that are available on the Web could help us, too!

I wanted to remind everyone that there is a way that these resources can be
added to the Math Tools catalog.

Look to the left and locate the link "Resources" near the bottom of the lighter
blue sidebar. If you select that link, you'll be here:

Submit a Resource to Math Tools

Your suggestion will go into a "back office" area where a Math Forum staff
member will add anything that has not been completed (for example, making a
thumbnail graphic if it is a tool and other such details). Once the submission
has been checked, it will be added to the catalog.

One advantage, in my opinion, of having Math Tools community members submitting
resources is that often the classroom user of a resource has very good judgement
as to which course(s) and topic(s) to use for alignment. It's a win-win
situation all around!

Thanks so much for everyone's help! We greatly appreciate it.


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