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Discussion: All Tools in Calculus on TI Calculator
Topic: CEDO Publishers--Calculus Toolkit

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Subject:   RE: Posting and Submitting Useful Resources
Author: Suzanne
Date: Aug 8 2006
On Aug  8 2006, Mathman wrote:
> One question please: With the
> large number of resources already available and growing, how does
> one avoid repetition without first going through them all?

If you're not sure if a resource is in the catalog, I would use the search field
that is at the top of each page. I would search using the name of the resource.
As an example I'll use the "Calculus Calculator" tool that you mentioned in this

Next to "Search" in the top light grey bar I first make sure that the pull down
menu displays "Catalog" rather than "Discussion." Next in the field I type the

   Calculus Calculator

and then I click on the "Go" button. Two resources are returned but neither of
them are to the Math Archives site and so I'm pretty sure that the resource is
not yet in the catalog. Just for demonstration purposes, I'll give another
illustration of something that actually turns out to be in the catalog.

I know that there are a lot of Shodor resources but "Recursion" is one of their
newer Java applets and I'm wondering if anyone has cataloged it yet. So, again I
use the top search field and this time I type:


There are six returns. One of them is actually titled "Recursion" and I can see
that the type of resources is a "tool" and I'm thinking it might be it. I view
the catalog page:

and I can see from the thumbnail, the URL, and the description, that it is the
resource that I was wondering about.

If you aren't sure, you can always write to the "webmaster" of Math Tools and
ask us to check to see if the resource has been cataloged before you go to the
trouble of entering the information. If you give us the URL (web address) then
we can check in the "back office" and then we can let you know.

In the best of all worlds we'd have a way that the public could check a URL to
see if it is already in the catalog but I'm afraid at this point that
functionality is still on our wish-list.

Please let me know if any of this doesn't make sense or if you have additional
questions. I'm happy to respond.


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