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Discussion: All Tools in Math 6 on Excel
Topic: 24 Game in Excel

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Subject:   RE: 24 Game in Excel
Author: Don Link
Date: Aug 16 2006
I should mention that the combinatorics of the 24 game have been worked out by
F. Reijnhoudt. See:

Don Link

On Aug 15 2006, Mathman wrote:
> On Aug 15 2006, Don Link wrote:
> Would have been nice if I gave
> you the URL:

> I'd consider trying some randomly generated values to avoid the long
> listing, but... "Whatever works."  Operations can be randomised with
> something like =MID("+-/*";INT(RAND()*4+1);1), ...and so on.
> However that might all be more work than it's worth, so stick to the
> pedetermined listing.

In simpler terms [that I can understand],
> if looking simply for a summation to 24, one can randomly generate
> three values and ascertain the fourth by subtraction from 24.
> Different random ranges can be used for each of the first three to
> avoid exceeding 24, yet getting an integer result for the fourth
> .... as I said, a lot of work perhaps for little consequence.  A
> pretty problem.


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