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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Homework
Author: Donald G
Date: Sep 21 2006

On Sep 19 2006, Boucly wrote:
> You said to use the EXACT same question right? But if someone did do
> the homework, wouldn't they feel intimidated that pointless to do
> the same question again. It would also be quite a waste of time for
> them since they would not be learning anything from that. At least
> that's what I would feel, especially if you do that repeatedly. It
> is not a very good idea as it waste too much lesson time and a lot
> of school rushes things into the our heads and expect us to go over
> them at home when given the chance whether there was homework or
> not.

I remember when I was taking Calc II and learning to take the limits of
indeterminate forms, and the professor introduced L'Hopital's Rule, that he
asked us to get the limit of what struck me as a very elaborate function,
something like (1-2x) raised to the power of e raised to the negative 3x
power.  It was the kind of indeterminate form where he said we should take the
natural log of both sides and ... well, you all know.  But I didn't, and it was
rather intricate new material to all of us.  He went through the problem very
carefully, and then assigned it for homework.  The very same problem.  I know
that I profited from going through it on my own, without having his steps on the
board to follow.  For some of our students deriving the quadratic formula, or
the equation of an ellipse, or the half angle formulas for trig functions, may
be just as daunting and new, and being asked to do them for homework might be
very educational.

It really is hard to get us to do homework, and I know how
> you feel. My teacher doesn't have that problem with since I am
> interested in Maths. I guess the best thing to do to motivate
> students is to make them feel good about themselves while not being
> over confident but still point out problems by leading rather than a
> "Wrong" to keep their or our self-esteem higher. A way to do that...
> I don't have one, a good way is to link it to something they are
> interested in as a class. Does this help :)


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