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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: hypatiam
Date: Oct 12 2006
While the idea of students doing their hmwk on the computer is wonderful, I have
students that don't all have reliable access to the internet, even though most
of my students are from fairly affluent families.  I always feel bad about
requiring any students to use a tool that they can't all afford - definitely
leaves some of them out.

What I have started doing this year is if students don't turn their work in on
time (and I do give partial credit for late homework as an incentive to get it
done), our textbook has self-check quizzes available for every section.  I
allow students to do 2 per chapter for a point back on their homework - they are
not required, they give students an incentive to do more review, and they are
short enough that students without a computer have enough time to run into the
library and get them done before classes start in the morning.  Granted, not all
texts that teachers use have this kind of resource, but there is never going to
be just one solution that is going to work  for every single student.  ....they
also don't require the evil typing of equations, either (MC questions).

And I'm sure something better will work next year depending on the
cross-section of students I'll get.

here's a link to the online quizzes and more:

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