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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
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Subject:   RE: wiki --> moodle
Author: Susan
Date: Nov 13 2006
On Nov 13 2006, The Math Guy wrote:
> Scot:
You mention using moodle. I am using moodle on another
> project and have a question for those of you who have used it.  I
> need to be able to share drawings and images with my students on
> Moodle.  Is there are white board component that works with Moodle?
> Some place where I could demo sketchpad rather that just text.
> Thanks.  

Art Mabbott

I don't know if Moodle has a whiteboard component, but I thought if you want to
see a good use of (java)sketchpad, and moodle, take a look at the online
sketchpad course preview that is offered on the Key site below:

On Nov 13 2006, Scot wrote:
> On Nov
> 11 2006, Susan wrote:
> Has anyone ever set up a wiki page?
> Is
> it hard to do?  How have you
> used it in your classes?
> using moodle...great resource and has wikis, discussion boards and
> > many other things built in...all you need is a server to set it up
> > on...

Scot Meyer
Watertown HS
Watertown Wi

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