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Discussion: All Tools in Trigonometry on Sketchpad
Topic: Inverse trig functions

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Subject:   RE: Inverse trig functions
Author: stek
Date: Dec 12 2006
Hi Susan,

It's not too hard to create a similar page in JavaSketchpad. I can send you a
regular Sketchpad file that you can save as JavaSketchpad. (You may then want to
change the resulting HTML slightly to adjust the formatting of the objects in
the JavaSketch.)

If you  like I can also send you the HTML file itself, with some formatting
already done.

In either case, you can consult the manual or the Help system for the details as
to how to post the JavaSketch on your web site.

I hope this helps.

Scott Steketee
Sketchpad Projects

PS. The only thing I did different from normal in creating my sketch was to
avoid using the Measure Abscissa and Graph Function commands. JavaSketchpad
doesn't currently support these constructions, so instead I used the workaround
described at

On Dec 12 2006, Susan wrote:
> I found the perfect tool that I need to teach inverse trig functions
> in Math Tools: but
> it is a Geometer's sketchpad file, and I need a javasketchpad file,
> or an applet that does the same thing as this tool so that is
> available on the web since my students do not have Sketchpad at
> home.  Any ideas?

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