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Discussion: All Tools
Topic: Inclusion

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Subject:   RE: Inclusion
Author: joyce
Date: Jul 8 2007
Connected Math Project  (CMP2) is a research based NSF funded program developed
at the University of Michigan and sold by Prentice Hall.  This is the second
edition.  It is problem based and focused on concepts.  It is published in
individual units or as a textbook.  Research shows that it works well with all
ability groups.  You can get more information at this web site

Our tutors primarily provide support in the classrooom.  They pull individual
students occasionally as required by the teacher. We also have extra support
classes that provide double math for some students. These classes meet every
other day and are in addition to the regular math class.  They provide support
with what is happening in the classroom and for our state test.

On Jul  8 2007, amycip wrote:
> Thanks Joyce.  Could you please send me some information about the
> Connecticut Math Project.  I would like to review it and possibly
> share it with the math department.

Do the tutors that work in the
> classrooms provide any pull-out services for remediation?

> Again

Amy Cipollone

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