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Discussion: All Tools
Topic: smart board question

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Subject:   RE: smart board question
Author: Calvin
Date: Nov 17 2007
On Nov 17 2007, Lincoln wrote:
> I would like to learn how to keep the smart board/projector on,
> maintain the current screen, and do administrative tasks that I
> don't want the kids to see (attendance, etc)
>Any suggestions.

This all depends on your projector:
1) Very often you will have a "FREEZE" button on your projector remote or on the
projector itself.  That will freeze the current image on the screen and you can
unfreeze it when you are ready to go on.
2) Some projectors have software you can install on your laptop that will do the
same process as the remote... this is handy if you don't have the remote
3) If you don't have access to either of those, there should be away to do it
with the "virtual screens" of Windows XP/Vista -- I'm not sure how to describe
it as I've only played with it but others may be more helpful.

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