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Discussion: All Tools on Calculator
Topic: Interactive Online Calculator

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Subject:   RE: Interactive Online Calculator
Author: rossisen
Date: Sep 19 2008
I am not sure what flying monkeys are, but I know that the Canadian Conservative
Party had some trouble with pooping puffins on their site (see )...

I know that our teacher-librarians discourage the use of sites with ads and
that some teachers have got in trouble for the ads that show up at the margins
of their wikis.  That being said, it begs the question of how to fund the
development of useful web resources for schools.  I know that I am foregoing a
tremendous amount of cash keeping my blog ad-free when I could be profiting
from the traffic generated by 23 subscribers!

It has been fun to maintain the list of online resources and to see how varied
and useful they are.  Recently, I learned that there was a comic book villain
named Calculator.  Don't you think he should be a hero?

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