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Discussion: All Tools on JavaScript
Topic: Math Worksheet Generators

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Subject:   RE: Math Worksheet Generators
Author: R. Strausz
Date: Aug 10 2009
On Aug  7 2009, JohnPage wrote:
> I am the author of the Math Open Reference web site
> ( ) and am planning to add such a feature to the
> site.

I envision a tool where teachers can provide parameters and
> the tool generates a worksheet.  The sheet can be printed or the
> student can answer it online.  If answered online the student can
> print it in its answered state or submit it back to the teacher
> online.

What I need is teacher input to the design in terms of
> features they would like in the generator and online test-taker.
> Submit any ideas here or to me directly at
> John P

I would be interested in having some information on how long the students spent
doing the online worksheet. It would be good to know which of my students took
the time to work with care.

Thanks - Richard S.

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