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About Math Tools

Math Tools is a project of The Math Forum @ Drexel, funded in part by the National Science Foundation. The goal is to create a community digital library that supports the use and development of software for mathematics education. We began work in September of 2002 and through the help of many people there is already an active and rich resource center.

You are the key. The point is to enable users to help each other use technology effectively in the math classroom. By sharing our experiences, activities, comments, and needs, we can help each other find tools that are known to work well and learn how to use them and improve them. Teachers, students, researchers, publishers, and software developers are all working together in Math Tools.

If you would like to be a facilitator in this community or participate in workshops or have The Math Forum help your school use math software, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your interest, on behalf of all Math Tools members.


Gene Klotz and Suzanne Alejandre