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Discussion Help

Discussion Overview
  • There are many different discussions taking place at Math Tools
    • The link, "New Discussions," toward the top of the left-hand navigation bar leads to the most recent messages.
    • The link, "Discussions" near the middle of the left-hand navigation bar leads to all messages.
    • The links, "Highlighted" under "Discussions" leads to a list of discussions selected for their particular interest.
    • The links for "Developers" and "Research" under "Discussions" lead to dedicated discussions for software developers and researchers.
  • Other discussions are organized around courses, math topics, resource types and computing platforms. These discussions are most easily accessed using the browse or search boxes at the top of the page.
    • To Search, choose "Discussions" from the pop-up menu next to the word "Search", enter your search terms, and push the "Go" button.
    • To Browse, choose "Discussions" from the pop-up menu next to the word "Browse", choose your browse criteria, and push the "Go" button.
  • Discussions are organized into topics and messages
    • A given topic will consist of one or more messages about that topic or further subtopics.
    • Topics with multiple messages will display small arrows. Clicking an arrow will expand or contract the message list for a topic.
    • When showing all messages in a topic, the level of indentation of a message indicates how the topic thread is organized.
    • Within each thread or subthread, messages display in chronological order.
Replying and Posting Messages
  • On most discussion pages you have the option to post a new topic to whichever discussion you are viewing at the moment.
  • When you are reading a single message, you have the option to reply to the existing message or to post a message on a new topic.
  • When you wish to post a reply or comment choose the "Reply" button. This will give you a new page with
    • a box for your name
    • a box for the subject of your message (try to pick a few words that summarize your message)
    • a larger box in which you can write or paste your message.
  • When you choose the "Reply" button, you also can choose whether or not to quote the message you are replying to.
    • Quoting a message can be helpful if you are addressing many points within the message.
    • However, duplicating long messages in their entirety can detract from your own message. Choose wisely.
  • If you wish to start a new subject, choose the "Post a new topic..." link. This gives you a new page as above.
    • Be sure you put in a good Subject description of the new topic you're starting!
Email Notification
  • Email notification is available for discussions on the Math Tools Site
  • Subscribe to be notified of new discussions by visiting the "My Mathtools" page and selecting the "Profile" tab. On that page, check the box labeled: "I want to be notified via email of all new discussion posts"
  • If you subscribe to a discussion, postings will be sent to your email address, allowing you to follow the conversation without visiting the web site.
  • Do not reply to these notification emails; please go to the discussion site to post your replies.
  • You must be a registered member of Math Tools to access the "My Profile" area or to subcribe to discussions.