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Lesson Plan: Right Triangle Geometry
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Description: This eModule presents real-world problems that motivate students to work with right triangle geometry. Interactive worksheets and diagrams with feedback help students learn to solve for unknown angles and sides of right triangles. Teacher information includes a list of targeted objectives and correlations to standards. Will eventually include a full lesson plan and worksheets for additional practice. Register (free) and log in so you can see your students' online answers.
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: eNLVM (Utah State University)
Language: English 
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Activity: Right Triangle Geometry
Courses: Math 6 Triangles, Pythagorean theorem
Math 7 Triangles, Pythagorean theorem
Geometry Right, Right Triangles
Trigonometry Definitions, Right Triangles, Of Acute Angles, Finding Angles, Solving Trig Equations, Pythagorean