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Lesson Plan: Geometric Transformations
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Description: These guided, interactive activities use figures, interactive diagrams, pattern blocks, geoboards, graphs, programmable turtles, and coordinate systems to help students learn what it means to perform a geometric transformation. Covered transformations include reflections, translations, rotations, and dilations. Teacher information includes a list of targeted objectives and correlations to standards. Will eventually include a full lesson plan and worksheets for additional practice. Register (free) and log in so you can see your students' online answers.
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: eNLVM (Utah State University)
Language: English 
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Activity: Geometric Transformations
Courses: Math 7 Quadrilateral properties, Symmetry, Similarity, Transformations, Reflections, Rotations, Translations, Tessellations
Geometry Transformations and symmetry