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Lesson Plan: Regular Tessellations
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Description: A middle school lesson to help students understand why equilateral triangles, squares, and regular hexagons tessellate regularly in the Euclidean plane. In addition to alignment to NCTM Standards and a step-by-step guide, the Teacher Lesson Plan links to Math Forum resources such as: Information and Lessons, Problems of the Week, Teacher2Teacher, and Ask Dr. Math.
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: Suzanne Alejandre
Language: English 
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Activity: Regular Tessellations
Tool: Tessellation Tool
Courses: Math 3 Symmetry, Tessellations
Math 4 Symmetry, Tessellations
Math 5 Symmetry, Tessellations
Math 6 Symmetry, Tessellations
Math 7 Symmetry, Tessellations