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Resource Name Topic (Course) Technology Type $? Rating
Volume Fraction Geometry in space (Math 5)+ Java Applet Tool  [0]
Multiplication as Scaling Fractions (Math 5)+ Java Applet Tool  [0]
Understanding Place Value Place value (Math 4)+ Java Applet Tool  [0]
Weighing Riddles Multiplication (Math 2)+ Java Applet Tool  [0]
TenMarks General (Math 1)+ Computer Tool  [0]
A Hundred and Ten Percent Percentages (Math 5)+ Java Applet Tool  [0]
Boat Equations Algebra (Math 1)+ Java Applet Tool  [0]
Bees and Flowers Number sense (Kindergarten)+ Java Applet Tool  [0]
Coin Flip Application Probability (Math 2)+ JavaScript Tool  [0]
Set4 - All In One - Teacher's ... General (Math 1)+ Computer Tool  [0]
Markplication Multiplication (Math 2)+ Computer Tool  [0]
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