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          MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - APRIL 5, 2003 - No.1

  Thank you for your Math Tools registration. We're off to a
  great start as we develop our new digital library. Currently
  we have two active courses, Math 7 and PreCalculus. By the
  end of next week we'll have the Math 2 course open, with links
  to a preliminary set of tools, activities, lessons, stories,
  and support pages.

  For those of you who have been participating in our
  Roundtable Discussions, we appreciate all of your activity.
  You've presented many useful viewpoints and ideas on how
  teachers use tools to help students learn mathematics. We're
  going to post a summary of the first two Roundtable
  Discussions soon with some follow-up questions.

  Math Tools is always interested in your feedback. Soon we'll
  have a special Suggestion Box for this. We're looking
  forward to reading your ideas so that we can add features
  that really make the site meet your needs.

  If you'll be at the NCTM Annual Meeting in San Antonio next
  week, we'd like to invite you to drop by the Math Forum
  booth, #531, to say hello. Please identify yourself as a
  Registered Math Tools user and we'll give you a general
  purpose non-internet math tool for stopping by! Gene Klotz
  and George Reese have some scheduled times in the booth
  and other Math Forum staff members will be there to chat
  as well.

  George Reese has posted a new summary of an education
  research publication. We invite you to discuss it in the
  Research Area.

    - Registration & user preference database
    - User profile linked from discussions signature
    - Math 2 course with a preliminary collection of resources
    - Suggestion Box

  Function Flyer
  Type in a function such as 1*cos(1*x+0)+0 and then click on
  "set function." Change the constant values with sliders, and
  see what happens to the graph of the function.
  Discussion for Function Flyer Tool:

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