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          MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - AUGUST 2, 2003 - No. 5

  We are excited to unveil a new feature: the site map.

  Now you can view all of the topics and sub-topics of each
  course in outline form. The small numbers to the right of
  the topics indicate the number of resources that have been
  cataloged so far.

  Because we've been working hard to get drafts of our topic
  lists to present, some of the courses have only a small,
  preliminary set of resources, but we'll be adding more soon.
  Select a topic or a sub-topic to go directly to that page
  in the library.

  We've added new resources to the Calculus and Geometry
  courses, and new apps for the TI-89, TI-92, and
  Voyage 200(tm) graphing calculators.

  We are particularly interested in your thoughts about the
  topics lists that we've drafted. If you have any suggestions
  or comments, please post them in the Discussion Area.

  Site Map

  Math PreK Course

  Math K Course

  Math 1 Course

  Math 3 Course

  Math 4 Course

  Math 5 Course

  Math 6 Course

  Join others as they meet George's challenge to the group:
  "Suppose we pick a tool to investigate, and share experiences
  using that tool. How can an online community conduct action
  research? What are your ideas?"

    - cataloging more resources in each course
    - opening our last course, Probability and Statistics

  Constructing Right Triangles
  Math Cove at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  This tool demonstrates how to construct right triangles
  with different sets of given information.

  Writing Fractions
  Varnelle Moore, teacher, Philadelphia School District
  Students will learn to understand and represent 1/2, 1/3,
  and 1/4. Links to handouts are included.

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