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          MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - MAY 3, 2003 - No.2

  We enjoyed meeting and talking with many of you at our
  booth in the exhibit hall at the NCTM Annual Meeting. It
  was great to be able to receive user feedback about the
  Math Tools site in person.

  As promised, Math 2 has joined our other two active
  courses, Math 7 and PreCalculus. With the opening of
  Math 2, we also invite you to contribute stories of
  your experiences in using any tools, lesson plans, or
  activities currently listed in the Math Tools digital
  library. Please visit

  Such stories give informal, anecdotal evidence of what
  happened in the classroom. You might explain how you
  adjusted the lesson for your students, or you might
  write about how you used a tool for a different course
  than the one listed. 

  George Reese has posted two summaries of education
  research publications. We invite you to discuss them in
  the Research Area.

  Submit a Resource to Math Tools

  Integer Bar
  At a primary level, integer bars can be used to explore
  length, patterns, orientation, and measurement.

  How to Use the Integer Bar Program

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