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          MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - OCTOBER 4, 2003 - No. 7

  We're excited to announce that all of the courses in
  Math Tools are now open. With the addition of Algebra 2,
  Trigonometry, Probability/Statistics, and Discrete Math,
  all courses now offer a preliminary collection of

  Please view the Site Maps to see the topics we've
  included for each course. If you have any suggestions
  or comments, please post them in the Discussion Area.

  Over 1600 users are registered Math Tools community
  members. We appreciate your interest and participation
  in Math Tools as we develop this new digital library.

  If you have tools that you can suggest for any of the
  courses, feel free to tell us about them.

  Submit a Resource to Math Tools

  Algebra 2 Course

  Trigonometry Course

  Probability/Statistics Course

  Discrete Math Course

  Statistical Analysis Applet
  Sione Palu
  Give this applet some data, and it calculates most of
  the common "descriptive" statistics parameters such as
  mean, variance, standard deviation, median, mode, upper
  and lower quartiles, range, kurtosis and skew.

  Episode 1: Comparing and Classifying
  ABC Learn Online
  Activities for investigating the concepts of more and
  less, counting, and classifying numbers to compare groups.

  Modeling the Cereal Box Problem in Class
  George Reese
  An activity using a die and a tally sheet to model the
  cereal box problem.

  Subtraction Worksheets Story
  Middle school teacher Jeff LeMieux writes about how he
  uses the Javascript page "Subtraction Worksheets" to
  generate positive whole number subtraction problems of
  various lengths.

  George Reese has planned an action research project. Check
  his new article for details to see if you are interested in

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