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          MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - SEPTEMBER 6, 2003 - No. 6

  In preparing to teach his autumn calculus course, Professor
  Gene Klotz has started to keep a journal about which math
  tools he plans to use with students. Gene has used the
  entries in his journal, including a brief description of the
  course and notes about specific tools, to post to the
  discussion area of Math Tools.

  Gene invites other Math Tools registrants to comment on the
  tools he's chosen and on how he uses them in his class, and
  to suggest other tools.

  Read and respond to Gene's thoughts online at
  Use the "next message" link to see specific posts about
  tools Gene is using.

  Interested in doing something like this for a course you're

  The Math Forum invites other teachers to share their own
  journals about math tools. Contact us if you are considering
  this invitation so that we can discuss ways our research
  funding might support your effort. Please reply to this
  newsletter, sending a message to,
  and include your course's name and your special interests.

  If you would like to indicate some of your favorite tools that
  you use in a course, post to

  If you would have a particular story to tell about how you use
  a tool, please use this page to "Write a Story"

  ***FEATURED DISCUSSIONS (secondary level)
  Discussion for Tool: GraphApplet
  Developer Patrik Lundin has started a discussion for his
  tool, GraphApplet. If you or your students try the tool
  and have questions for Patrik, he'll be happy to respond.

  Discussion for Tool: SimplePlot
  Tool: SimplePlot

  Discussion for Tool: Newton Raphsons Method
  Tool: Newton Raphsons Method

  ***FEATURED DISCUSSION (elementary level)
  Discussion for Lesson Plan: Investigating Tessellations
  Using Activity Pattern Blocks
  Join teachers Helen and Cathi in their discussion about
  ideas for teaching primary students geometry. Have your
  students used interactive tools, such as the Patterns Applet?

  Teacher adoption and adaptation
  Joel Duffin is interested in having exemplary research
  suggestions that relate to the questions he is asking
  in his dissertation.

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