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       MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - APRIL 2, 2004 - No. 13

  Are you planning to visit Philadelphia to attend the
  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 82nd Annual
  Meeting April 21-24, 2004? If you are, we'd love to have
  you stop by Booth 931 in the exhibit hall, or attend one
  of our sessions focusing on Math Tools:

  Thursday, April 22, 11:00 - 12:00
  Session 188
  Room 111 A (Convention Center)
  Math Tools: Finding Good Software and Using It Well
  Presenter: Gene Klotz

  Friday, April 23, 1:00 - 2:30
  Session 667
  Room 104 AB (Convention Center)
  Hands-on Introduction to Technology Tools that Help Your
    Students Learn Math
  Presenters: Suzanne Alejandre and Steve Weimar

  View more information:

  The Geometer's Sketchpad
  KCP Technologies Inc./Nicholas Jackiw
  Sketchpad is a dynamic construction and exploration tool that
  enables students to explore and understand mathematics in
  ways not possible with traditional tools or with other
  mathematics software programs.

  Walking the Line: Activities for the TI-73 Number Line App
  Christine A. Browning, Dennis St. John
  These activities are intended to help students use the number
  line and the fraction line to develop both an operations and
  number sense.

  Linear Programming
  A father asks about the effectiveness of linear programming
  to develop mathematical understanding. A programmer
  responds and invites others to share their thoughts.

  Say you've found a piece of software that you want your
  students to use. What do you have to do to install it on your
  lab or classroom computers?

  Website Accessibility
  A teacher asks how students can view Java applets on their
  PocketPCs. A developer responds, providing the teacher with a
  solution while discovering more about the latest capabilities
  of handhelds along the way.

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