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         MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - JUNE 4, 2004 - No. 15

  Math Tools is holding a Math and Technology Tool Fest this
  summer with the purpose of getting together a group of
  folks to create classroom activities, software-related
  resources, and services for themselves and others.

  We have in mind gathering a group of stakeholders in
  mathematics, education, and technology who enjoy
  collaborating across different school levels and technology

  This group will explore mathematics with software tools,
  then produce materials and projects for themselves and
  others, shared on the Math Tools site.

  The Tool Fest will take place in Philadelphia, August 2-6.
  We'll provide travel, food, housing, and some support for
  those who wish to continue projects started at the Tool
  Fest. If you are interested in applying, please complete
  our online Tool Fest Questionnaire:

  KCP Technologies Inc/ William Finzer
  Explore data, plot functions, and create animated
  simulations with Fathom. The software comes with more than
  300 sets of its own data, imports data from the Internet
  and text files, and accepts data that you key in.

  This mathematics visualizer for the Palm OS plots explicit
  functions and parametric equations in both Cartesian and
  polar coordinates. Users can represent equations as graphs
  and tables, can animate plots, create and annotate
  collections of work in workspaces and can share their
  workspaces through the Palm handheld's beaming feature.

  Two Stunads & Co.
  Graphing application for the Pocket PC: 2D, 3D, and 4D
  graphing, a complex number engine, and nearly all the
  mathematical capabilities of a TI-83 Calculator, with
  tutorials. Those interested in Beta testing future
  releases are urged to contact the company.

  Lulu indeed!
  This discussion of the Lulu microworld begins with one
  community member's excitement over the breadth of concepts
  illustrated in the JavaScript tool. Other members discuss
  its potential for teaching not just rectangular coordinate
  geometry, but equations, functions, and algebra, as well.

  Members weigh the limitations of different histogram tools,
  including Minitab, Excel, and applets by and
  the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.

  Graph Sketcher
  Members compare the relative merits of handheld graphing
  calculators and a web-based counterpart.

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