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        MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - NOVEMBER 6, 2004 - No. 20

  After a year and a half, over five thousand of you have joined
  the Math Tools community, contributing just as many resources
  and discussion messages along the way. Thank you for everything
  that you bring to our work!

  We particularly appreciate how you've responded to existing
  posts. Beyond adding knowledge that way, we encourage you to
  facilitate discussions -- by clarifying, asking questions, or

  And of course -- if you know folks who might find the discussion
  of particular interest, but who haven't registered for Math Tools,
  invite them to do so and enrich the conversation.

  Fractions, concept and calculations
  Cynthia asks, "How do you teach conceptual understanding
  of fractions? What tools have you found to be effective,
  and likewise how do you teach computational fluency with
  fractions and what tools are effective?"

  Role of MathDrag'n program in education
  Haertchen explains, "I have developed a rudimentary program
  that allows the user to manipulate algebra through drag-and-drop.
  I am more interested here in whether it would be a useful
  educational tool, and if so what it would be useful for."

  Mutually Exclusive and Complementary Events
  Tackweed writes, "I would appreciate any supplementary
  materials, approaches and/or experiences for incorporating
  the concepts of complementary and mutually exclusive events
  to independent events at the middle school level."

  Tool: Baseball Multiplication
  A Flash game of multiplication. Click the dice to get the
  first "pitch." Multiply the numbers on the dice, and use the
  result to get a single, double, triple, or strike out,
  according to the chart. Aligned with the Everyday Mathematics

  Tool: Stretching Ruler
  Jeff Barrett
  This set of activities introduces students to mathematical
  foundations of measurement, and especially to the concept of
  the unit of measurement. Students create their own rulers to
  measure different objects.

  Tool: Color by Numbers
  Nathalie Sinclair
  Students investigate patterns produced on a grid of numbers
  generated through addition and multiplication of the whole
  numbers. The focus is on elementary number theory concepts
  such as even/odd, factors, multiples, divisibility, and the
  commutativity of addition and multiplication.

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