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           MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - August 6, 2005 - No. 30

   Thank you to everyone for your participation in our special
   Math Tools community events that started July 22.

   Our Third Weekly Tool Fest Activity will be devoted to eNLVM,
   an NSF funded project from our colleagues at Utah State
   University, extending the National Library of Virtual
   Manipulatives project.

   You'll learn about eModules that utilize mathlets from the
   NLVM and other websites. The eNLVM provides tools that allow
   teachers to view student answers, including work they have
   done using mathlets. Teachers can also customize online
   resources by selecting and organizing content, configuring
   mathlets, modifying existing activities, and writing new
   instructions and questions.

     * Monday August 8, 3:00 ET
       An Introduction to the eNLVM
       ConcertChat with eNLVM developers about the eNLVM project

     * Wednesday August 10, 1:00 ET
       Overview of eNLVM eModules (learning units)
       ConcertChat with eNLVM developers about eModules

     * Friday August 12, 11:00 ET
       Using CamStudio (a free tool!) to record and share
         student-computer interaction
       ConcertChat with eNLVM developers about user testing

                              * * *

   Our Second Weekly Tool Fest Activity focused on the Math Tools
   project itself.

   Join the ongoing discussion:

   More experienced members are asked to post suggestions they
   have for newcomers to help them make the most of the Math Tools
   site. Newcomers are asked what they want to know about locating
   and using the resources available in Math Tools. All members
   are asked what members could do to further support each other
   in the Math Tools Community.

                              * * *

   Our First Weekly Tool Fest Activity provided users with an
   introduction to ConcertChat, a whiteboard/chat tool for
   discussing math software -- and many other things -- and will
   be used during next week's event to learn more about eNLVM.

   One of its designers, Martin Wessner, is at the Math Forum for
   a few months. He discussed and demonstrated ConcertChat on
   Monday, July 25. Take the opportunity to read Martin's
   comments about the tool he is developing by visiting the
   ConcertChat discussion:


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